Sri Lanka Government Free Video Conferencing Platform (Zoom Based)

Sri Lanka Government Free Video Conferencing Platform (Zoom Based) : Ministry of Education has launched a free Free Video Conferencing Platform (Zoom Based) Service named ““.

What is is the secured government video conferencing platform based on Jitsi meet,
which is an open source application. It is a complete solution which is compatible with
Android, Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It consists of features such as desktop sharing, auto
view active speaker and text chatting. It can be used directly in a browser or in a downloaded

How to host a meeting in

  • The allows you to host meetings any time anywhere. All you need to have is a
    device with a strong internet connection and login credentials.

  • First type at address bar of your internet browser and press enter.
  • You will get following page.
  • It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for login login
  • Then type a name for the meeting at white colour text box and press “Start meeting” button.
  • It is recommended to use uncommon names to prevent strangers joining your meeting (avoid
    names such as test, testmeeting, etc.
  • Here we are using “lgiimeeting21”.
  • After you add a meeting and you will pop up a message called “use your microphone, Web Cam ” click Allow.
  • Then When your host start the meeting you can join the meeting.

How to use in mobile?

  • Download “jitsi meet” App from app store/playstore
  • Click on icon and open jitsi meet App
  • Go to settings > insert server URL >Back to main interface >
  • type “meetingname” (ex : ) > and click on “CREATE/JOIN” button mobile app mobile app

Find more information and instruction about from below links

User Manual
Mobile App Guideline
For Recording Guideline

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