How to get Pfizer Vaccine in Sri Lanka


How to get Pfizer Vaccine Sri Lanka for Students & Workers who are Travelling Abroad:Sri Lanka received bulk amount of Pfizer vaccines at the beginning of July 2021. T

he government decided to slated a stock of Pfizer vaccine for students and workers who are going to abroad.

We are writing this article to explain in detail about the procedure to get Pfizer vaccine in sri lanka.

Currently only two categories of people can get the Pfizer covid vaccine in Sri lanka:

  1. Students migrating for overseas studies
  2. People migrating for foreign employment

Following documents are necessary to meet either of the above two categories

  • For students
    • Passport
    • Offer letter from an abroad university
  • For workers (This progamme is managed by Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment)
    • Passport
    • Documents related to your employment

How to get Pfizer vaccine in Sri lanka for Students

  1. Go to the website Pfizer Sri Lanka Student Portal.
  2. Fill all the fields such as Name, NIC, Passport Number.
  3. Submit your Pfizer Vaccination Request.

After the submission of registration you will receive a confirmation SMS. Following that, when your dose is ready you will receive 2nd SMS with the appointment date and time.

How to get Pfizer vaccine in Sri lanka for workers migrating to abroad

  1. Go to website.
  2. Fill all the required fields.
  3. Submit the registration.

Note: Registration for the workers who are migrating to abroad has been temporarily stopped and the same service will be opened soon.

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