How to Become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka- Detailed Guide

How to Become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka
How to Become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka
How to Become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka

Everybody has a dream about their future profession. Do you have a plan to be a lawyer in Sri Lanka?

If Yes , Then this article is for you.

The lawyer is one of the noble professions all over the world. Suppose you like to build your career as a lawyer in Sri Lanka. You have limited options earlier days, but now there are many ways to when you want to become a lawyer.

Let’s explore the things you should know.

Introduction to Law Profession in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are two kinds of qualification for a Lawyer.

  • Attorney-at-Law
  • Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Law is considered as academic qualification, while Attorney-at-Law is regarded as a professional qualification.

So with a Bachelor of Law, You can’t practice as a lawyer in Sri Lanka Court. You have to qualify as an Attorney-at-Law to practice in Sri Lankan courts.

Sri Lanka Law College, located in Hulftsdorp, Colombo 12, is the only Institution provide Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Bachelor of Law is obtained from only Three Government Universities.

  1. University of Colombo
  2. University of Peradeniya
  3. University of Jaffna

Other than the Government Universities,Open University of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Law College offering Law Degree under the government curriculum.

At the same time, these days, some leading Private institutes SLIIT, APIIT, BCAS, IDM., and some others providing Bachelor of Law degree with the foreign university-based curriculum.

But merely having a Bachelor of Laws is not sufficient to be a court practitioner. It is a non-changing principle that all L.L.B. qualified persons are compelled to pass the Bar examination as an Attorney-at-Law if you need to go out and earn your bread & butter as a lawyer.


Educational Qualifications

As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways but to become a lawyer, you must possess the following Educational qualification

  • It would be best to have a G.C.E. O/L Credit pass in English and Sinhala/Tamil Language.Three passes in G.C.E. A/L subjects at one sit.

There are Main four routes to become a lawyer in Sri Lanka.

  1.  Going through the Advanced Level (A/L) in Sri Lanka and then enter to the law faculty.
  2. Going through the Law college Exam which is highly competitive.
  3. Enter to the Open University of Sri Lanka LLB Program.
  4. Selecting Private Institutions (Expensive Way)

Institutions Provide Law Degree

  1. If you are Eligible with G.C.E. A/L and University Z Score cut off, you can follow a Degree in universities mentioned above.
  2. Else Apply for Entrance Examination of Sri Lanka Law College Or the Open University of Sri Lanka for the LLB Entrance exam.
  3. Private Campuses ask Passes in two subjects at the same sitting in G.C.E. A/L.

Age Limitation

When considering the age limitation, Sri Lanka Law College has set an age restriction. You should be 18-30 years to apply for the Degree program.

For university, you have an option to get a good Z Score within 3 sittings of A/L.

The Open University of Sri Lanka and other private universities doesn’t have any age limitation to follow a Degree Course.

From My Thoughts

If you are really eager to become a lawyer, Then work hard with dedication for you G.C.E A/L‘s and follow the LLB Degree in university.

If you missed the chance to enter the Law faculty then go for Sri Lanka Law College which really worth option but you should be in a age between 18 to 30.

The other option available for you is Open University of Sri Lanka LLB Program which opens gate for all age groups.

Other than these If you are financially fit for follow for a Private Institution based LLB Degree you can follow it but you have to pass the Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka Law College to Practice as a Lawyer.

So Choice is yours . Best of luck for your Career.

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