How to Apply Online for Open University LLB/Law Degree Programme

Open University of Sri Lanka has released application for the Law Degree Pogramme of academic year 2021/2022. As it could be a life changing decision for so many persons, everyone and including you are trying to apply for the degree programme.

Yet, you can’t just apply and sit. Most of the people trying to have LLB after their name. So we have written a detailed guide on how to become a lawyer.

But when we really want to apply, our main concern is time, right?

We don’t have time to download the application, fill it and send them. And sometimes we forgot to post the application.

Trust me. this happens.

So the Open University made available online application submission like a solution for our time problem.

Now you can work and at the same time you can apply for the LAW Degree in online.

How to Apply Online for LLB/Law Degree Open University

1. Login to the Open University web page by typing this or click this
Then you will see the following page:

(Those who do not have an email address, please create one before filling this application)

Create ousl
Credits: ousl

(a) If you are a new applicant click the hyper link “ Create New Account

(b) If you are an existing OUSL student type user name and password and press the login button

2. Then you will see the following page

ousl register form
ousl register form

Create a user name and a password and give personal details

3. Once you enter all details and click the button “Create Account” you will see the following page

ousl application
ousl application

4. Click “Add New Application” Then you will see the following page


Fill the form as indicated below Program: Select Bachelor of Laws Degree Programme from the drop-down menu

Preferred Centre: Select Your Nearest or Easy Accessible Center (as the Programme is offered only in Colombo)

Medium: Tamil/Sinhala/English (as the Programme is offered only in English medium)

Personal Data (This is self-explanatory and therefore fill relevant fields with your personal information)

Email address and mobile phone number: Since the only mode of contacting you is only through email and mobile phone, providing your email address and mobile phone number is mandatory.

(Those who do not have an email address, please create one before filling this application)

G.C.E. O/L and A/L: Give relevant details


  • If you have a law degree, indicate here the Degree, University and year of the degree.
  • If you do not have a law degree but are an Attorney at law, state that you are an Attorney at Law and indicate clearly the year in which you took oaths as an attorney at law.

The decision to call or not to call you for selection interview will be taken based on the information provided under “other qualifications” Therefore please indicate your qualifications clearly.

Once you complete entering relevant information, click the button “Apply and pay”

6. Then you come to the payment option page.Select the payment option and make the payment. Following payment options are available for applicants.

  • Pay online using a credit/debit card
  • Pay using eZ cash
  • Cash payment to the nearest regional/study centre of the OUSL

Open University LLB/Law Entrance Exam Past Papers and Answers

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  1. I was unable to fill the application from step 3, it don’t show from there

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