How to Apply for Annual Teacher Transfer -2021 Online

How to Apply for Annual Teacher Transfer -2021 Online
How to Apply for Annual Teacher Transfer -2021 Online

If you visit the NEMIS for the first time, use the NIC number as a username and password.

If you have previously associated with NEMIS and changed the password, use the same password.

You can visit to change your password through NEMIS software.

If you are unable to log in, contact the relevant officer of the Zonal Office.

The Following Online Platform is so easy to use.

It makes it more accessible to apply for teacher transfers and make the service more efficient by updating the Ministry of Education’s database(CVs and service notes) about you.

It is important to update information on the subjects you are currently teaching in this system to fill teacher transfers and vacancies.

If your information is incorrect, the principal should correct the relevant information through the Zonal Office.

Applying for Mutal Teacher Transfers.

Posting advertisements for friendly transfers in the teacher portal and finding teachers who are looking forward to it.

It is mandatory to include the province, district, teaching division, subject, and medium.

The zone, division, and school where a transfer is expected can be included as additional information.

When checking advertisements published by other teachers, the province, district, teaching division, subject, and medium must be included.

After reaching an agreement between the teachers for the transfer, you should apply as a Mutal transfer when using through this online Platform.

Advertising teachers are solely responsible for the advertisements for friendly transfers.

This facility should be used only for the relevant purpose, and if it is misused in any way, the facility will be blocked for the pertinent teachers of the future.

Please note that all these transfers must comply with the National Teacher Transfer Policy (Circular No. 2007/20), Rules of Procedure, and Teacher Transfer Criteria.

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