G.C.E A/L Chemistry 2020 New Syllabus Predicted/Expected MCQ Answers


Chemistry is some students favorite subject but also some students hate this to the core. But personally I love chemistry.

So, I decided to update GCE Advanced Level New Syllabus Exam 2020 Chemistry Predicted MCQ Answers here. So that students can compare and clarify their doubts. Note that this should help you clarify some doubts and not to make you depress.

But like this says, it is predicted and not official departments answers. So please do not get confuse if your answers and these answers vary. Students are kindly requested to focus on Chemistry Part 2.

G.C.E A/L Chemistry 2020 Predicted/Expected MCQ Answers for New Syllabus

GCE AL Chemistry 2020 Predicted MCQ Answers


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