G.C.E O/L 2020/2021 English Essay

G.C.E O/L 2020/2021 English Essay

We have added some Expected Heading for G.C.E O/L English. You can find O/L English Model Essays in PDF below

O/L Expected Essays

  • An Essay on “Corona Virus/ Covid 19”
    • What is Corona Virus
    • The way of spreading and symptoms
    • Impact of Corona virus
    • How to control it
  • Essay on Environmental pollution
    • A description of the environment
    • The ways the environment getting polluted
    • Impact of the environmental pollutions
    • The ways of control the environmental pollution
  • Let’s keep the public properties without harming them
    • What are public properties.
    • The consequences of harming or destroying the public properties
    • The reasons of destroying the public properties
    • How to protect the public properties.
  • Write an article to newspaper on “The advantage and disadvantage of internet”.
    • How internet helps in our day to day life
    • How internet contributes to the studies
    • Disadvantages of internet
  • Write an article to the school magazine on “The pros and cons of online education”
    • Definition of online education
    • Definition of online education
    • How it becomes disadvantage to the education
    • Your recommendations to make it so affective.

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