G.C.E A/L Agriculture 2020 Predicted/Expected MCQ Answers [New Syllabus]

Agriculture 2020 Predicted/Expected MCQ Answers
Agriculture 2020 Predicted/Expected MCQ Answers

Our members able to collect predicted or expected answers of 2020 Agriculture AL Final exam. But these are not accurate. We need to wait until the Department of Examination release official 2020 Physics A/L Scheme.

Do not worry we will update the scheme also.

Even though, we cant rely on this answers. Kindly keep that in mind this is like it says “Predicted” and not 100% same like a scheme. So please ignore if your answer and our answer vary.


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  1. if you can give structured essay of physics paper, much better too………

  2. Please give us Agriculture Old syllabus MCQ answer

  3. Agriculture old syllabus mcq answer danna puluwan da sir….plzzz

  4. Agri old syllabus mcq anwser danna puluwanda plzzzz

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