ETF A/L 2020 Scholarship Application Form PDF Download

ETF AL 2020 Scholarship Application Form PDF Download

ETF Educational Grant / Scholarship for 2020 A/L Students has released. You Download ETF application form for 2020 a/l students can be download in Sinhala / Tamil/ English PDF.

Closing Date : 2021/08/31

 Financial Grant for G.C.E. (A/L) 2020 passed students

Who can apply for ETF Scholarship?

  • Student who passed in A/L 2020 and his/her parent being a member in Employees’ Trust Fund Board.

What is the ETF Scholarship Amount?

  • Rs.12000 can be received.

ETF Sri Lanka 0 Instructions for Filling the Application

  1. A photo-copy of the National Identity Card and Birth Certificate of the student, certified by the School
    Principal or Grama Niladari or JP or Lowyer should be submitted.
  2. Please submit a clear photo-copy of the Bank Passbook of the student showing account details
    (Minor Accounts and Joint accounts are not valid), name, address, bank branch, etc. (As the grants are
    credited through Peoples Bank, having an account in that Bank will be preferable.)
  3. A copy of the Result sheet obtained from internet is Sufficient.
  4. If the member’s name ( Father or Mother ) appearing in the Birth Certificate of the student differs from the
    name in the N I C, a letter certified by the GS and Divisional Secretary stating that all names refer to one and
    the same person should be submitted.
  5. If the member’s name stated in the application by the employer differs from member’s name appearing in
    Form II Returns, a letter certified by the Employer stating that all names refer to one and the same person
    should be submitted.
  6. A photo-copy of the National Identity Card of the member.
  7. If the application is not made by either the father or mother of the student but by the guardian, he/she
    should furnish required documents in proof legal guardianship.
  8. If both parents are members of ETF, Only one should apply. A student is eligible to receive this Financial
    Grant only once.
  9. As well as school candidates the private candidates (below 21 year) also can be applied.
  10. At the time of the student sat for the A/L Examination ( October 2020), contributions should
    have been paid on behalf of the member for the 13 months preceding the month in which the
    Examination was held and should be an active member. Form II Returns in respect of
    contributions remitted by the Employer should have been received by the Board. Self
    Employment members should have paid contributions for the 36 months preceding the month
    in which the Examination
    was held.
  11. In instances where the member’s age is over 70 years, such member should have 25 years of active
    membership of the Fund and should not have obtained a refund of contributions during that period.
  12. Correctly completed applications should be sent by registered post before 2021/08/31 addressed to
    Scholarships Officer, Employees’ Trust Fund Board, 19th Floor, “MEHEWARA PIYASA”, P.O.Box 807 ,
    Colombo 5. The top left hand corner of the envelope should be marked “Advanced Level 2020”.
  13. Applications which are incomplete, illegible or containing erroneous information and received after
    the closing date will be rejected. The decision of the Board of Directors of ETF Board in selecting
    beneficiaries shall be final.

This is from facebook

(For those who did 2020 a / l) I think there are people who know about this as well as people who don’t know.. That’s why I posted this.. 😊😊

If your mother or father works in a private company,

you cut etf for them from the company they work for.

If you pass a / l, you can get 12,000 students. From the employee trust foundation.

There is no need to get selected on campus. But must pass..

They only give this to 5000 kids. That’s why I choose.

Another thing this can apply to school applicants as well as private applicants.. I got it in 2018 I didn’t get selected for the 1st shy campus.

But I got it. I got selected in the 2nd shy campus. But because I became a private candidate I wasn’t able to apply for 2019 a / l results.

But 2020 they have given private applicants the opportunity to apply too.. so it’s a big chance for you. Why 2019 wasn’t given to private candidates like that.

Go to the link there and download the application.

Fill it out before the due date.

It requires the pay report of the company your mom or dad works for. If you don’t get a message like this, go to the website in the screenshot and download the application. Hurry up. I hope this is something important for everyone just think

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