A/L and Grade V Exam Guidelines

A/L and Grade V Exam Guidelines
A/L and Grade V Exam Guidelines
A/L and Grade V Exam Guidelines

Ministry of Education has released instruction and guidelines that should be follow during A/L and Grade 5 exam 2020.

Prohibition of extra classes for Grade Five Scholarship and GCE Advanced Level Examination

The GCE Advanced Level Examination will be held from October 12, 2020 to November 06, 2020. The Grade V Scholarship Examination will be held on October 11, 2020.


Regarding 2020 GCE Advanced Level Examination from 2020.10.06 12 midnight Until the exam is fully completed,

In connection with the Fifth Grade Scholarship Examination from 2020.10.07 midnight 12 Until the end of the exam.

The following are strictly Prohibited

  • Arranging and conducting additional classes for exam applicants
  • Conducting lectures, lectures, programs related to the subject matter,
  • Printing and sharing anticipation questions related to the above exam
  • Promoting posters, banners, leaflets, printing and electronic media claiming to get or equivalent questions from exam question papers, etc.

For Complain about any issues during this period

Contact numbers for complaints regarding the occurrence of the above events

  • Police Office – 0112 42 11 11
  • Police Emergency Liaison Station – 119
  • Immediate call from the Department of Examinations – 1911
  • Commissioner General of Examinations – 0112 278 5211/0112785212
  • School Exam, Outcome Branch 0112784208/0112784537
Circular regard rules during exam

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