A/L Application 2021 For Private Candidates – Name Changes on Admission Card

AL Application 2021 For Private Candidates - Name Changes on Admission Card

How to make changes on AL 2021 Private Candidates Admission/Application. Especially on 2021 A/L Private Candidates Admission Card Name Change.

The A/L 2021 Online Application out in 5th July 2021 and A/L 2021 Closing date is set be 30th July 2021.

We have already give the clear details about A/L 2021 Private and School Candidates Application fill up

In this post We are going to give you the ideas about How to Make Changes in A/L 2021 Private Candidate Admission Cards.


How to Make Changes in A/L 2021 Private/School Admission Cards

How to Correct Name on A/L 2021 Private Admission Card?

If you are entered your name mistakenly on Online application. You can correct it before making payment. Once you make payment you can’t change the name through online.

Check the “Examination application summary” after clicking “Submit” button. If you want to make any changes, select “Reset the Exam Application” and change. Any changes cannot be made after selecting “Payment Methods”.

So How can you change your name on A/L 2021 Admission card while you are a private candidate.

You will receive the admission card according to your application submitted. You will be allowed to make any

required changes to the admission card within seven (07) days of receiving by login in to the official website

of the Department of Examinations.

Department of Examination Announcement

  • Any inquiries with regard to the differences of the information of your application and admission card should be made by contacting the School Examination Organization and Results Branch via following telephone numbers immediately after receiving the admission card.

School Examination Organization and Results Branch Contact Details

  • Telephone numbers: 011-2784208 / 011-2784537 / 011-2786616
  • Fax number: 011-2784422

Sanath Pujitha,
Commissioner General of Examinations,
School Examinations Organization and Results Branch,
Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka
P.O.Box 1503, Colombo

How to Correct Name on A/L 2021 Private Admission Card?

School Candidate can change name through your school.

Can I Change the Examination Center after 2021 A/L Application

No,You can’t change.Selecting an incorrect town would cause to receive a distant examination center. The schedule of Towns and Town Numbers is attached herewith. You will not be permitted to change requested examination center later.

Can I Change Subject in A/L Exam Hall?

No applicant is permitted to change subjects mentioned in the application or to change subjects at the examination hall or to sit for an additional subject. Results of candidates who disregard this condition will be invalidated.

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