2021 GCE A/L , O/L and Grade 5 Scholarship Dates Re-Announcement

2021 GCE AL , OL and Grade 5 Scholarship Dates

The Ministry of Education has re-announced the dates for conducting 2021 GCE A / L, O / L & Grade Five Scholarship examinations which have been postponed due to Govt-19.

Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Education LMD Dharmasena said in a televised discussion today that he intends to conduct the examinations on the following dates and that a final decision has not been reached yet.

  • Grade 05 Scholarship Exam: November 14, 2021
  • G.C.E A / L: November 15 to December 10, 2021
  • G.C.E O / L: February 21 to March 03, 2022

He Said “These are currently proposed dates. But this may change depending on the circumstances”

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