2020 A/L Results Released : How to Check


GCE AL Results 2020 is about to be released this week.

Students who took GCE Advanced Level Exam in 2020 are eagerly waiting to know their results. Since it has been delayed due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Ministry finally declared that the GCE AL 2020 Results released at the end of April.

So, it’s expected, the results will be available within the first week of May 2021. Thereby, we decided to let you know all the ways to check GCE AL Results 2020 of yours’ and/or others results in an efficient way.

Ways to Check 2020 AL Results

  1. Check A/L 2020 Results via DOENETS.NET
    1. Go to Department of Education’s official Website. https://www.doenets.lk/ or https://www.doenets.lk/examresults
    2. Click School Exam Results from the Menu bar.
    3. Select the Exam and Year. Following that place your INDEX number and click SUBMIT button.
    4. Your results will be shown. ( Please remember that, official site might be down when you try to access. It’s because so many people would try to access the site at the same time you’re trying and server wouldn’t be able to handle such visitors at once.) This is why we provide other alternative ways.
  2. Check GCE A/L 2020 Results via SMS
    1. Dialog Mobile Users EXAMS <A/L 2020 Index Number> and send to 7777
    2. Mobitel Mobile Users EXAMS <A/L 2020 Index Number> and send to 8884
    3. Airtel Mobile Users EXAMS <A/L 2020 Index Number> and Send to 7545
    4. Hutch Mobile Users EXAMS <A/L 2020 Index Number > and Send to 8888
  3. Check AL 2020 Results through 1919
    1. Type exam {exam code} {index number} and send to 1919
  4. Check 2020 A/L Exam Result in Android/iOS Device
    1. Go to Play Store/ Apple iTunes app Store.
    2. Search for “Doenets.lk’ App
    3. Click Install “Doenets.lk’
    4. After Install open the App.
    5. Put your Exam Index Number Click Submit Button.

These are the all possible ways to get your AL 2020 results online as soon as the results been released.

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